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What is Kumdo?

Kumdo literally means, the way of the sword. Rich in both tradition and techniques, Kumdo roots go back nearly a century and are based on methods far older.

Sharpen Your Mind

Due to its nature, the study of Kumdo is different than many martial arts. As you can imagine, in a real sword fight, a single mistake can be fatal. While Kumdo is practiced with bamboo weapons, the techniques are the same. Concentration and focus are perhaps more the keys to success than physical prowess. Practitioners learn to plan attacks conservatively as counter attacks can be very swift — even from an opponent that is physically smaller. You will learn to clear your mind of other thoughts and move with purpose as you seek to master the sword.

Improve Your Fitness

While Kumdo seeks to eliminate unnecessary movement in favor of efficiency, it is a journey that requires work. The physics of precisely attacking and defending with a sword will increase your strength and endurance while improving your reaction timing.


Kumdo is an art requiring special equipment (a practice sword and protective gear). Classes are held on Saturday at 12:30 pm.



Questions? Please contact Grandmaster Kim or Master Janet at 630-545-2401

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