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Improve your fitness

Improve Your Fitness Level

Our Taekwondo and Hapkido classes will help you increase or maintain your flexibility, build stamina and endurance and improve your balance. Training includes a proper warm-up and both aerobic and anaerobic activities. As you progress through the belt ranking system, you’ll also be progressing physically.


Increase Your Own Self Confidence

Whether you’ve always been an athlete — or believe that the term “sport” isn’t in your vocabulary, you’ll see yourself gain skill and knowledge in our program.

Reduce Stress

As adults, we have a lot of things that put pressure on us every day. Nothing helps shed the stress like a workout that includes kicking and punching!

“Thank you all for being such a fine example and for supporting such a positive school environment.”

Sharpen Your Mental Awareness

Training in self defense, you’ll gain not only physical skills — but the ability to assess situations quickly and react accordingly.

Get Started Today

We encourage you to drop by the school to watch an adult class and arrange for a free trial class. You’ll meet other adults like you, who were once considering martial arts — and found a home with us!


Questions? Please contact Grandmaster Kim or Master Janet at 630-545-2401.

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