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  • Please join us Friday May 25th at 5:30 for our Black Belt Ceremony and Celebration. Students who tested for 1st, 2d, or 3rd degree Black Belt in April will receive their new Black Belts during the ceremony. Students who tested for 4th and 5th degree Black Belts during our May 12th Master’s Test will receive […]

  • Special Black Belt Test Training Class

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on February 3, 2018

    A special Black Belt Test training class on Tuesdays begins on February 6th from 6:30 pm to 7:15 pm. If you have registered for the April 14th Black Belt Test you are encouraged to attend this weekly class. This class will continue on Tuesdays until the April 14th Black Belt Test.

  • Sat. April 14th Black Belt Test

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on March 12, 2018

    The written test and technique test for all students testing for a black belt in TaeKwonDo or HapKiDo will be on Saturday April 14th. Students testing for 1st, 2d and 3d dan arrive at 12:00 (testing begins at 12:30). Headmaster Kim will give children testing for 1st degree black belt an egg to care for […]

  • Sat. May 12th Master’s Test

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on March 19, 2018

    On Saturday May 12th we will have a Master’s Test for students testing for their 5th and 4th degree Black Belts in TaeKwonDo and HapKiDo. The test begins at 12:00 pm. Family, friends and fellow students are invited to attend the test and cheer on these students.

  • Friday Feb. 23rd Kid’s Fun Night

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on February 5, 2018

    We are having a fun night for kids on Friday February 23rd. Parents are asked to drop their children off at 5:00 pm and pick them up at 7;30 pm. There will be a movie, pizza and popcorn. Invitations and waivers are available in the dojang office. There is a charge for attending this kids […]

  • Jan. 31st Last Day For New Year’s Special

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on January 27, 2018

    Our new Year Special discount for new students ends on Wednesday January 31st. Call now to schedule your free trial class and sign up to train before this special ends.

  • Tues. Jan. 2d Classes Resume

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on December 11, 2017

    Training in the New Year begins on Tuesday January 2d. Our class schedule has changed and can be viewed online. Copies of the new schedule are available in the office.

  • Bring a Buddy To Class Jan 29-Feb 1

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on January 26, 2018

    Invite a friend to take class with you. Bring a Buddy to Class from Monday January 29 to Thursday February 1 during regular class times.

  • We will be closed from Thursday November 23rd through Sunday Nov. 26th for the Thanksgiving holiday. Classes will resume on Monday Nov. 27th. Enjoy the holiday with your family.

  • Friday Oct 27th Halloween Party

    By Janet | In Uncategorized | on October 2, 2017

    Wear your costume and come celebrate Halloween with us at our Halloween party from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. Bring a friend!

  • Our final Summer Training Session is from Monday July 31 to Thursday Aug. 3rd. Half and full day sessions are available. The morning session is from 9:00 to 12:00.The afternoon session is from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Summer Training does not affect our regular classes.

  • We are having a women’s self defense seminar on Tuesday August 8th from 7:00 tp 8:15.Check-in for this class begins at 6:30 pm. During this seminar you will learn the basics of women’s self defense. There is no charge for the seminar but we will be accepting donations for the benefit of Family Shelter Services. […]

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